About Us

STEM design labs is passionate about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and how we combine them to create and understand our world.  Education in these areas is absolutely critical for a sustainable future but there is a perception that these topics can be dry and difficult.  We believe that this is mainly a consequence of the silo’d, rote teaching practices of previous generations in these subjects and is far from the reality of practicing STEM professionals.

The recent rise of vibrant and diverse Maker communities have shown that creativity, in all its forms, is naturally integrated with STEM elements.  New role models and community driven organizations are breaking the stereotypes to show STEM in a new light – a task that has largely eluded the formal education system.  For example, we expect creative programming in subjects such as art, languages, drama, etc. but rarely do we associate it with math or physics classes.  However, to excel at these subjects, creativity is essential.  For example, teaching math by focusing solely on things like arithmetic and algebra is like teaching a language class by focusing solely on grammar and spelling.  A STEM practitioner is someone who can see beyond these basic elements much like an author sees beyond the rules of language.

STEM design labs is focused on enabling and encouraging students, educators, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts to discover STEM through integration with creative activities of all kinds.  The Maker movement is a prime example of how this can be approached.  Local, custom manufacturing is also an important growth area of our economy where creative STEM skills will be essential.

STEM design labs provides products and services to help encourage and enable STEM skill development.  We also provide prototyping and consulting to develop one-of-a-kind products for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

We are located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.